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Welcome to a world of tailored indulgence at Wild Cottage Experiences. Elevate your stay with us by exploring our curated selection of unique offerings. Immerse yourself in luxury with our signature Floating Breakfast, a serene start to your day surrounded by natural beauty. Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our bespoke Brunch, a culinary journey that unfolds in the comfort of your villa. For a delightful sharing experience, opt for our Tapas Basket, a selection of carefully crafted bites to savor with friends or loved ones. At Wild Cottage, we redefine hospitality, transforming moments into memories with our exclusive experiences and delectable food and beverage offerings. Explore the extraordinary – your journey begins here.

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Elephant Programs

Cooking Classes

2900 THB per person

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Cocktail Classes

2100 THB for 2 persons

What's better than a floating breakfast ?

2100 THB for 2 persons


And what about.... a floating brunch ?

3300 THB for 2 persons

Discover our Floating Tea

2100 THB for 2 persons

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Honeymoon Packages

From 1990 THB

Gourmet Tapas basket at the end of day to your cottage

2300 THB for 2 persons


Our other services

Sunny days, rainy days, Wild Cottages has it covered ! Discover also You Chill, It Rains, a special service to our guests in case of raining days / seasons.
We have a nice selection of activities for adults and children to keep you busy and entertained.

You Chill, You Sweat

Are you a sport addict ? Then you can go to take care of your body to one of our partner : tennis, golf, fitness and much more. Check with us now!

You Chill, You Discover

We have plenty of tips for you to discover the island and its surroundings. By the land or by the sea, let’s explore and enjoy Koh Samui.

You Chill, You Move

Enjoy our private taxi and van services. You can also rent a car or a bike if you wish. An easy way to move around and to do plenty of things!

You Chill, You Enjoy

We also have plenty of other activities for you to do and also for the rainy days. Just ask our team what you’d like to do. We will assit you !


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