Wild Cottages Koh Samui

One World, Our World

Conserving Natural Resources

To maintain local plants health and the coral reef ecosystem around our Island, we try our best to align our practices and high-quality standards with ecological requirements. The Resort’s 100% organic landscaping approach helps pollinator species thrive. We also are hiding bee houses, as our land is big and allows us apply many different methods. We are proud to observe that our colorful and very diverse species of plants, are creating a more balanced and biodiverse ecosystem.

Supporting Local Farmers

The food as well as the juices are organic and coming from around the corner. Our eggs are picked at the farmer down the street, walking distance. We also prepare our own jams and aloe vera from local growers. What we provide to our guests is what we would serve our children at home, only fresh and organic foods and delights.

Stop One-Use Plastic

We definitely stopped all types of one-use plastic. From the kitchen and bathroom waists to the housekeeping cleaning products, to all the amenities we provide in the rooms, none anymore are one-use plastic. We’re also doing our own soaps with our own essential oil. We also have a Free Water Refill system and set in the guests room daily fresh water. We implanted many changes in our daily organization to realize this mission that is a minimum standard requirement facing the Mother Earth difficulties to remain healthy and green.

Invest in Local Projects

First, the owners of WILD COTTAGES saved Elefants from being mistreated and offered a full 44 square meter play ground to a family of 4 Elefants. It is the garden of one of their Resort in the North. Secondly, the clothing brand ONE LOVE JOY that we exclusively expose in our Boutique Resort, created by the owner with a Friend, donates part of their benefits to a dog organization saving, feeding, caring and loving shelter dogs. Making sure the dogs will all get right medicine and treatments. Last but not least, WILD COTTAGES joined TRASH HERO organization, helping this organization to collect the waits on the beach and to promote Free Water Refill.


WILD LOVES RRR – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Our main concern in our daily tasks, from the Management team to the Housekeeping and Maintenance, is how we can control our waits. How to reduce it, to recycle it and how to reuse as much as possible as long as our high standards hygiene are guaranteed.


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